Here are the current shirts available for purchase

new t shirt

2018 CA Frost T-Shirt

2018 Youth CA Frost T-Shirt





2016 Frost Label Shirt


Purple Learn Outdoors

Youth Purple Learn Outdoors



Youth Learn Outdoors 1 – Navy

Ladies Learn Outdoors 1 – Navy

Adult Unisex Learn Outdoors 1 – Navy


Youth Learn Outdoors 2 – Vintage Heather Blue

Adult Learn Outdoors 2 – Vintage Heather Blue

Please notify us during checkout who your student is and what class they are in, also if there are any special requests (example: this item is a Holiday gift for my student, so please don’t deliver to their classroom)

*Also, please note that orders placed by the last day of the month will be printed and delivered approximately by the second week of the next month.  (Ex: If you turn in your form by October 31 it should be printed and delivered by approximately the 14th of November)*

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